This is a facility for you to track and record the transferable skills that you acquire over the course of your PhD.

A definition of a transferable skill is an ability developed in one environment that can be applied in other environments.

Here we are focusing on skills that are valued across employment sectors. The aim is to help you to develop tools to succeed, whether in a key position in academia working with industry, or through a career path that takes you outside academia.

Transferable skills go beyond what you learn in a formal context (e.g. as expressed in the learning outcomes of an education module). Much of the work you do during your PhD has the potential to help you to gain and develop transferable skills.

Please refer to the Irish Universities’ PhD Graduates’ Skills Statement included in the SkillsLog Resources section. After you complete each PhD component (e.g. education module or Study Day), you will find it listed in SkillsLog under ‘Add Transferable Skills’.

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Here you can add skills for your assigned components or your custom personal components.

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