Tumour Microenvironment

This module will cover the importance of the tumour microenvironment and tumour physiology in regulating oxygen sensing mechanism, angiogenesis and blood vessel stability. The students will learn the importance of the tumour microenvironment in regulating the function and maturation of

Tumour Immunology

The aim of this module is to provide a fundamental understanding of important immunological concepts and how they apply to the field of tumour immunology and immunotherapy. The module will explore how both the innate and adaptive immune system recognises

International Child Health

This module will cover the following topics: Child health services delivery in developing countries; The role of primary care in child health in developing countries; Maternal and child nutrition; The role of major international health organizations; The role of non-governmental

Graduate Teaching Assistant

This module offers Masters and Doctoral students in the Health Sciences the opportunity: (a) to explore theoretical principles of teaching and learning; and (b) to gain practical experience in the delivery and assessment of seminars and tutorials to undergraduate medical