Postgraduate Essentials

This module enables scholars to develop an understanding of the critical components for successful postgraduate research. Includes the following: IT networks and Moodle (VLE used for e-learning examining discussion) Good research practice Health and safety Keeping laboratory notebooks Performing calculations

Project Management, Experimental Design, Data Analysis

This course will cover key aspects of project management, in addition to providing and understanding of key elements of good experimental design. Techniques used in the analysis of experimental data will also be reviewed.

Experimental Biology

The module will provide a practical and theoretical introduction to laboratory skills. The module opens, with an early morning start, providing a refresher on basic skills such a making buffers and pipetting and will proceed quickly onto covering molecular biology

Research Methodology

The aims of this module are to provide students with an in depth knowledge of the methodology employed in Research and to apply the information gained to the critical appraisal of research.  Overall the aim of this module is enable