Human Genetics

This module consists of two components, one an introduction to Human molecular genetics and the other covering evolution and selection which is a basic tenet of modern biology with ramifications in  all aspects of life sciences. The combined course will

Advanced Neuroimmunology

This module focuses on bi-directional communication between the nervous and immune systems. Specific topics include: An introduction to the immune system; Autonomic control of the immune system; Stress, stress hormones and immune function; Cytokine actions on the brain: Central and

Molecular Oncology

This module is a specialised or advanced module dealing with the subject of molecular oncology from a variety of perspectives. The basic components of carcinogenesis such as tumour suppressor genes and oncogenes are discussed as are the contributions of important

Molecular and Cellular Biology

The fundamentals of cell and molecular biology are provided during this course. Topics include cell composition, structure of DNA and RNA, RNA transcription, protein synthesis, cell signaling, cell death.