Determinants of Health

Module content:  Introduction – Prof Mac MacLachlan & Dr Michael O’Toole Anthropological Perspectives – Dr Fiona Larkan Psychological Perspectives – Prof Mac MacLachlan Political Science Perspectives – Mr Patrick Theiner Biological Perspectives – Dr Michael O’Toole Business & Trade Perspectives

Research Methods: Epidemiology

This module will introduce the student to the research process concentrating on ‘population’ based studies. The basic descriptive statistics for a simple variable (e.g. means, medians, standard deviations, percentages) and for quantifying an association between two variables (e.g. mean differences,

Research Methods

The course is focused on helping students develop an appreciation for the variety of health services research available and how research can enable healthcare managers make better decisions in both policy and practice. Year 1 of the module focuses on

Health Policy

This module explores the nature of public policy and the environment in which it is practised.  It provides frameworks, processes and techniques for public policy formation. Interpretation and implementation of public policy in health and social services are examined.  Implementation of

Comparative Healthcare

This broad module compares the health systems of a number of countries with the Irish health system. The aim is to provide the tools to critically compare and analyse similarities and differences in the approaches to planning, financing and delivering