Determinants of Health

Module content:  Introduction – Prof Mac MacLachlan & Dr Michael O’Toole Anthropological Perspectives – Dr Fiona Larkan Psychological Perspectives – Prof Mac MacLachlan Political Science Perspectives – Mr Patrick Theiner Biological Perspectives – Dr Michael O’Toole Business & Trade Perspectives

Research Methods: Epidemiology

This module will introduce the student to the research process concentrating on ‘population’ based studies. The basic descriptive statistics for a simple variable (e.g. means, medians, standard deviations, percentages) and for quantifying an association between two variables (e.g. mean differences,

Culture, Health and Illness

Aims This course explores concepts of ‘sickness’ and health-seeking behaviours across societies. We take seriously diverse ways of knowing and treating personhood, the body, life and death, disorder and disease. We view health and illness in their social context arguing

Nutrition and Global Health

Available evidence suggests that a considerable proportion of the world’s population, especially poor women and children in low‐income settings, are malnourished. Directly and indirectly, nutrition is related to each of the millennium development goals (MDGs), therefore without addressing the problems


This module is an introduction to basic principles and methods of epidemiology. Understanding the aetiology of disease is a prerequisite if one is to interfere in disease occurrence or progression. Identification of risk factors and limitation of harmful exposures can