Medicines Regulation

This module, run in parallel with module 8, provides comprehensive information on the role of drug regulation before and during the authorisation of medicines. It details the current national and international regulatory requirements for the authorisation of medicines. It looks

Drug Design & Development

Bringing a drug from bench to bedside is cross-disciplinary. This module enables scholars to put their own research in context and to understand the key parameters in the development of potential novel therapeutics. Outline of content: Identifying drug targets and

Innovation & Technology Transfer

Aspects of innovation (history, theory, strategy etc) and technology (strategies, acquisition, assessment) will be covered by this course. Intellectual property and asset management, including issues surrounding contracts, licensing, transfer, negotiations and commercialisation will also be explored. Included will be case

Drug Discovery and Development

Topics covered: The development of the pharmaceutical industry Pharmacokinetic and pharmacology issues in discovery The rise of biopharmaceuticals Delivery of biotech molecules by non-injected routes Gene delivery using viral and non-viral vectors Clinical development from Phase 1-Phase 4 with case